User guide Android/iOS


Press "New project" and choose your desired resolution and framerate. The project will open.

In a new project, the timeline will be only one frame long to begin with. You will see a Background layer (this cannot be deleted) and a default "Layer 1" with one drawing, and above that the green playhead indicating the current frame. To the left are sliders to control the opacity of each layer, and buttons to change the layer order or delete a layer.

To extend the duration a drawing is seen when played back, drag the "Drawing duration" slider in the timeline panel.

Each drawing is represented by a blue button on the timeline. Press on any one to go to that drawing; or, drag the green playhead along the top bar of the timeline to scrub through the drawings; or, use the forward/back buttons to step back and forth. By default, going forward from the end of the timeline will automatically add a new drawing and extend the timeline to fit it. You can also add drawings to the timeline manually by clicking "Add drawing" in the timeline panel.

Draw in drawing canvas. Pinch to zoom/pan. For drawing you have available a Brush tool , an Eraser tool , a Fill tool , and a Lasso selection tool .

The Onion Skin feature lets you see previous and following drawings overlayed on the current frame. Toggle it on and off with the Onion skin button in the Tools panel, and adjust the range of drawings visible in the Tool Options panel.

Press the Play button in the Tools panel to play back a preview of your animation. In the Project Options menu you can export a Quicktime video, a PNG image sequence, or an animated GIF.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Command key on iOS is Control key on Android

BBrush tool
EEraser tool
FFill tool
LLasso tool
Command ZUndo
Command Shift ZRedo
OToggle onion skin
IColor eyedropper
QToggle fullscreen canvas
<Previous frame
>Next frame
LeftarrowPrevious drawing
RightarrowNext drawing
Command LeftarrowMove drawing back
Command RightarrowMove drawing forward
F5 or 5 or +Increase drawing duration
Shift F5 or Shift 5 or -Decrease drawing duration
F6 or 6Duplicate drawing at playhead
Shift F6 or Shift 6Duplicate drawing after
Command F6 or Command 6Duplicate drawing halfway
F7 or 7Add drawing at playhead
Shift F7 or Shift 7Add drawing after
Command F7 or Command 7Add drawing halfway
Shift DeleteDelete drawing
[Decrease brush size
]Increase brush size
Command CCopy selection
Command VPaste selection
Command XCut selection
DeleteDelete selection
Command ASelect all
Command Shift ASelect none
Arrow keysNudge selection by 1px
Shift arrow keysNudge selection by 10px

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