What's the advantage of RoughAnimator over other animation software?
Portability and price! RoughAnimator is the most powerful hand drawn animation program in this price range, and the only one specifically designed to be easy to use on a tablet without sacrificing professional-level features. As a professional animator myself I'm familiar with all the usual complaints about animation software, so I've tried to design the app with those things in mind and make it as intuitive/functional as possible for the needs of animators. Take your work on the road with you - make an independent film while you commute - or just practice your animating skills!

What's the difference between the Android/iOS version and the Mac/Windows version?
They are pretty much the same. The desktop version can be a little faster/smoother simply because desktop computers are more powerful than tablets, and the interface is slightly different to take advantage of the different operating systems and having a mouse/keyboard vs. a touch screen - but all versions have the same abilities and you can easily bring files back and forth between them.

Specific things the desktop version can do that the tablet version can't:
- Allows higher resolution images (up to 4000x4000 versus just 1920x1080, although it may still lag at larger sizes)
- Open multiple files at once
- Click/drag drawing duration directly on timeline

Can I use it on a phone?
Yes, but the interface might seem cramped and obviously you'll have less space to draw than on a tablet. Your mileage may vary. A large phone with a stylus such as the Samsung Galaxy Note is your best bet.

Can you add this feature I want?
Maybe, email me. Don't hold your breath, programming is hard and this isn't my day job - but I'll see what I can do.

Lines don't show up when I draw / lines show up wrong! Help!
In the app preferences try turning up "Minimum brush size" and "Minimum brush opacity" and/or turning off "Smooth lines", these can cause issues on some devices.

It doesn't work! Help!
Sorry! I do the best I can, but some bugs always slip through. Email me as many details as possible about the problem, and if the app is crashing, use the crash report feature on your device to send me the log of how it happened. I may not be able to respond personally as I get a lot of email, but I will certainly read it and try to fix the problem for the next update.

If a particular project has become corrupted and won't open, send me the file. Chances are I can repair it manually, and it will help me track down whatever bug caused the problem and keep it from happening in the future.

Who are you?
Jacob Kafka, a freelance animator in New York. I've always wanted an animation program like this, and no one else was making one, so I decided to try myself and developed RoughAnimator in my spare time. I've since used it for professional work and so can you!

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